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North Hills

The original North Hills was built in 1967 as the first enclosed mall in Raleigh.  Kane Realty began eyeing the deteriorating property in 2000 and ultimately demolished all but one store.  North Hills as we know it today is a 100-acre mix-use wonderland in midtown Raleigh complete with an apartment complex, a hotel, office space, shopping, dining, and green space.  It is one of the most desirable addresses in the Triangle and a destination for entertainment. 

When planning North Hills, Kane Realty, along with the architects Carter & Burgess, Inc. and Preston Partnership, wanted to emulate the look of a village where individual buildings are constructed with different materials yet still complement each other in an overarching artistic scheme.  Decorative concrete masonry is an economical way to design such a look by using different scales, textures, and colors.  North Hills contains 25+ custom colors of decorative CMU and over 10 different shapes including Johnson Concrete’s Epic oversized series.  Additionally, the architects used Polished Face, Smooth Face, and Split Face decorative CMU to achieve variety in texture.  Accents include a fountain, seat walls, and entrance columns constructed from Polished Face decorative CMU.

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