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When designing their dream outdoor living space, the Zelenkas considered many retaining wall systems before selecting Versa-Lok.  “We went with Versa-Lok because they were the only real solid block offering, which came into play when I was designing some of the corners,” said Scott Zelenka.  “The standard block with Versa-Lok was easily modifiable to fit in every place we needed it to.”  Scott was also impressed with Versa-Lok’s website and was able to find engineering information and technical support that helped him design the walls.

Scott chose Johnson Concrete’s Canyon Blend color because he wanted the wall to blend in with the yard.  “Having the mixed color, and 'weathered' blocks gave the wall a more natural feel, when compared to the other offerings with strict corners and consistent color.”  The Zelenka residence features three tiered Mosaic walls with integrated steps and landings.  The addition of landscaping, a pergola and wicker outdoor furniture creates a luxurious yet cozy setting.

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