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New Tiger Block Machine

Johnson Concrete has purchased a brand new, state of the art Tiger TG-Series machine. Utilizing the most sophisticated technology available and a multifunctional design, our new machine is capable of making concrete masonry units, bricks, retaining wall blocks, pavers, and more. Stay tuned here for updates on its arrival and a webisode series on its installation.

6/13/12 - The Tiger is alive!  Check out the 8" block coming out of the Tiger block machine.

6/01/12 - Pallet Turn Over and the Pallet Return

5/30/12 - Hanging the Short Mud Belt and Front of Tiger

5/28/12 - Top of the Tiger Block Machine

5/21/12 - Making Room for the New Tiger Block Machine

5/08/12 - The new grinding and polishing plant under construction.

New water reclamation tank for the grinding and polishing house
Toro grinding and polishing machine for corners and ends
Interior view of the new grinding and polishing building

5/01/12 - The new Tiger block machine has arrived to our Lexington Location!!

4/03/12 - The new Tiger block machine is on a boat crossing the ocean!

3/12/12 - Lexington Site Manager, Billy Meade, and Corporate Sales Manager, Starling Johnson, just returned from Japan where they were able to see Johnson Concrete's new machine in action! The Tiger TG-Series machine has been built, assembled, and is in the final stages of engineering and testing. After inspecting the machine and watching it generate a few pallets of block, Billy and Starling had the privilege of touring Tiger's production facility in Okayama with President Kitahara. They were blown away by the efficiency, innovation, and professionalism of the Tiger team; it is truly a world class operation. Our friends in Japan will soon disassemble the machine and package it for a March 21 shipment to the US.

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