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Concrete Masonry Units

Durable and fireproof, the emergence of concrete block as a construction material can be traced back to the Roman empire. Through the years, concrete masonry has remained a preferred and economical component in high performance commercial and residential applications. Concrete masonry units provide high sound absorption, high insulation values and fire ratings, and create single wythe loadbearing walls that are finished on both sides. These properties increase the value of the investment and extend the life and utility of the structure. Additionally, building with STALITE CMU helps accrue LEED points for its energy efficiency and percentage composition of reclaimed materials.

Gray CMU

Johnson Concrete manufactures three variations of lightweight block: regular lightweight blended, 100% lightweight, and our premium SmartWall block. Made with 100% lightweight aggregate and extra cement for added strength, SmartWall blocks are stronger yet lighter than standard units. We only use STALITE, the world’s premier expanded slate, to produce our lightweight block.

Decorative CMU

Johnson Concrete produces custom decorative CMU suited for all styles and budgets. Prestige Stone custom architectural masonry units offer owners an economical and effective building system that is visually appealing, functional, and complementary to other materials like brick and stone.

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