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Fireplace & Firepits

Outdoor fire pits are a great way to take the plunge into outdoor living. They’re an affordable way to help measure how much time your family would spend using your outdoor living investment. Most importantly, it’s easy to expand around them if you decide you want more. Johnson Concrete offers a full range of fire pits and fire places to fit every budget.

Our most affordable option is our prepackaged fire pit kit, available in a round Versa-Lok Handy-Stone II splitface finish or a square Prestige Wall smooth finish. Available in myriad colors, both come weathered or non-weathered and can be slightly modified to accommodate a propane line or to sit directly on an existing patio. An upgrade to the classic fire pit is to cap it with either Versa-Lok caps or Eagle Bay CopingStone. This option gives a sleeker finish as it does not have an exposed steel fire pit ring. Some of our customers like to build their fire pits with Versa-Lok’s Cobble stone instead of the standard Handy-Stone II. Regardless of which fire pit option you prefer, they’re all built with premium, durable products and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. All of Johnson Concrete’s fire pits are easily assembled and do not require the use of mortar; therefore they can be disassembled and moved if necessary.

Cobble fire ring with Eagle Bay caps

Cobble fire ring with VersaLok caps

A more elaborate and more permanent alternative to the fire pit is to construct an outdoor fireplace. If you’re looking to match your fireplace with your pavers and walls, your best bet is to construct your fireplace out of Prestige Wall. In addition to matching Prestige Retaining Walls in your design, Prestige Wall blocks are available in the same colors as our Versa-Lok wall products and complement most Eagle Bay paver colors. Prestige Wall blocks are also load bearing and therefore do not require additional product to provide support strength. While you’ll need to mortar the interior fire bricks, Prestige Wall blocks are typically stacked without mortar. Another popular choice is to build a fireplace out of manufactured stone veneer. With the appearance of real stone, this look contrasts the concrete pavers and retaining walls and adds variety to the outdoor living space. The stone provides no structure, so you’ll first have to build the shape out of regular lightweight concrete blocks and then add the stone as a veneer. While an outdoor fireplace doesn’t need to be engineered, we recommend you hire a pro. Stonework especially looks best when laid by an experienced professional. Find a Johnson Concrete endorsed contractor near you.

Prestige Wall fireplace

Manufactured Stone fireplace

Please view our project gallery for design ideas and call or stop by to schedule an appointment with us. Each of our design center locations – Lexington, Willow Spring, and Raeford – has a designer on staff and an outdoor living display, complete with a fireplace. We also regularly host DIY training events on our displays, teaching people how to install pavers and build fire pits. Please view our Event Calendar or join our mailing list to receive coupons and notification of upcoming events.

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