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Storm Water Drainage

Concrete is the ideal material for managing storm water drainage. Concrete products are resistant to lateral forces, nonflammable, and easy to install, provide superior hydraulic efficiency, and do not deflect or deform. In addition to being salvageable and recyclable, concrete is an inert product that does not react with the environment, making it an ideal green building component for eco-friendly construction.

Johnson Concrete offers a complete line of precast drainage structures and NCDOT approved masonry materials. Please contact your sales representative or call the office for pricing and assistance understanding code requirements.

Reinforced concrete pipe is the strongest and lowest maintenance pipe available. The concrete is designed to withstand compressive force and the reinforcement is designed to withstand tensile force. Unlike flexible pipe, the system’s strength is not derived from backfill or strategic installation but rather from the inherit strength of the cement, aggregates, and reinforcing steel that compose the pipe.
Precast concrete drainage structures are the most durable on the market. They endure because concrete is not impacted by most external elements: it won’t burn, rust, tear, buckle, or deflect. Using precast products reduces installation time by removing the need to build structures in the field. Please contact your salesman or call one of our offices for pricing and availability.
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